1942 Nov - War Diary :


Lt.-Col J.F. Ashton, O.C. 7 Borders
Lt.-Col H. Waddell, O.C. 156 R.A.C.
Major P.A. Wood O.C. 591 Field Coy. R.E.
Major S.A. Wilson-Brown M.C., O.C. R Bty 92 A.Tk Regt.

On conclusion of the Demonstration I received a host of congratulations and thanks from numerous offrs including the Army and Corps Cmnds. Many said that it was the best demonstration that had ever been staged and I have little doubt that it was. It was most impressive even to those who had seen the rehearsals.
However this could not have been attained without the highest degree of cooperation, enthusiasm and hard work by all those who took part, I wish to thank you as Commanding Officers for all the help you gave me and Brig. Evanson in the staging of the Demonstration and all your Officers and Other Ranks who spent so many wet and arduous days on the preparation.
The shortage of men and equipment did not make the Demonstration any more easy and the results are all the more commendable. I only hope the work has provided useful training and was enjoyed by the participaters.
In view of the time and work expended I should be glad if you would let those who took part have an extra day or two half days off.

(Sgd.) E.H. Barker Maj-Gen.
Comd -54 Div.

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