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2nd Lt. RA Bridgeford dropping through the hole in the floor of an
Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Bomber. Known as the 'Whitley Hole' it was
infamous for causing broken noses and a few headaches. Unless the
paratrooper jumped in a ridged upright position, they risked cracking their
head on the side of the hole, which became known as 'Ringing the Bell'.
The strap attached to the top of the parachute, automatically deployed the canopy once the
paratrooper has exited the aircraft, and in those days there was no reserve parachute.
Note: the two men, lorry and tree far beneath 2nd Lt. Bridgeford's feet.

Photo kindy sent in by 2nd Lt. Bridgford's family.

The converted Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Bombers were the main aircraft used in parachute training courses out of RAF Ringway, Manchester. Their target dropzone was a vast flat field adjacent to the Old Hall building at Tatton Park, Cheshire. The field is still there, inhabited by deer, sheep and visitors to Tatton Park. This photo looks to me like Tatton Park.


A thoroughly good book about the Parachute Training School History with several photographs, is 'Go To It! The illustrated history of the 6th Airborne Division', written by Peter Harclerode. ISBN 978-1840671360. The book does not include the above photo which was sent in by Lt. RA Bridgeford's family from his private collection. Note the very long shadows, indicating a late afternoon drop.

A closer view of an Armstong Whitworth Whitley Bomber


2nd Lt. RA Bridgeford is driving a left hand drive jeep, with NONI painted on the front bumper, in honour of his wife. By the time of this photo he was serving with 3 Para. 
Photo kindy sent in by 2nd Lt. Bridgford's family.

This Photo would have been taken sometime between 1941 and early 1943 at the time the Unit was called 591 (Antrim )Field Coy. RE   The majority of the men were from Northern Ireland, and many stayed with the Unit for conversion to a Parachute Squadron. Some men were redeployed to other RE Field Companies, including Corporal Stothart (2nd Row) who was killed in Sicily in October 1943. From the front row Sapper WA Kelly (later a Corporal,) was the most senior Squadron member killed at the Chateau de Grangues incident.

Back Row: Spr Pitt , Spr Fey , Spr Oakley , Spr Lawrence , Spr Jones , Spr WJ.Wiggins , Spr Rockliffe ,
Spr Howkins , Spr ES.Thomson , Spr Oram , Spr Roberts.

3rd Row: Spr Frith ,  Spr AR Green , Spr Lockwood , Spr Greenfield , Spr FR Bowden , Spr Sadlier ,  Spr Merison , Spr Thurley , Spr Betty , Spr Wiseman .

2nd Row: Spr Lane , L/Cpl Isaacson , Cpl Stothart , Cpl Ferres ,  Sjt Peden , Lieut Orr , L/Sjt Philpott ,
L/Cpl GC Foster , L/Cpl Chettle , Spr GreenwoodSpr Cattel.

Front Row: L/Cpl Kane ,  Spr Furness , Spr J Wilkinson , Spr Pigg , Spr WA Kelly , Spr H Adam , Spr Salt ,
Spr Toorish , Spr Harbage , Spr MacCabe ,  L/Cpl A Carr

Sapper B McDonough stood on the left, Sapper JW Davies seated in the centre
an unidentified colleague stood on the right.

Sapper Oakley is centre of the front row.    

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April 1946 - Reunion Dinner for Antrim Fortress Company Royal Engineers
Held at the Thompson's Restaurant, Belfast.
Photos courtesy of Warrant Officer Dean's family.


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591 Reunion Dinner at a London hotel in the 1950s.

Can you help put names to faces?
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   591 Squadron Sergeant Major Cunnell's family have kindly sent in a series of photos taken of the Squadron on parade in Norway 1945.

The following photo appears to be Montgomery addressing members of 249 Para, prior to D-day. Several of the men wearing Denisen Smocks and there is an armed Military Policeman carrying a Mk II Sten Gun, in the foreground. SSM Cunnell is to be found slightly to the right of centre on the far group of men, carrying a dispatch bag or map bag round his neck.

The Following photos are from the collection of the late L/Cpl R.G. Farley and have kindly been submitted by his family.
Copyright: M. Farley and family.

A Sapper and R.G. Farley in training.

L/Cpl R. Farley and colleagues at 3 Para HQ in Samerang, Java 1946.
(3 Para took on strength all of 591 Para not yet due for demob after the end of the war in Europe.)

L/Cpl Farley and colleagues in 3 Para with a local child, in Java 1946.


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