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National War Memorial Project
at Dover Western Heights

Click on image to visit their website.

Imperial War Museum

Home to the Airborne Assault Museum and Paradata digital archive.

The National Archives

Click on image to visit their website.

Commonwealth War Graves

CLICK image to visit their website

or a much better way to search the CWGC website is through
Geoff's wonderful search engine
for WW2 = (CLICK)
NB:the search engine does not find collective graves.

An article about one of the glider pilots who lost his life on D-day ferrying sappers from the 591 Antrim Parachute Squadron

The Pegasus Archive

a wonderful collection of war diaries and information about the Normandy, Ardennes and Rhine Crossing campaigns.

Note: the war diary on that website for the 591 is an extract, and a fuller version is on this site

Royal Engineers Museum
and Library Archive

Note: the Library is an excellent rescource for research but is inside an operational military base and therefore getting into the archive is by prior appointment and parking can be very difficult and a long walk away. The museum is a separate entity and is readily accessable.


Published the names and sometimes the service numbers for forces personnel who got promotion and awards. There are separate issues for London, Belfast and Edinburgh. Most military listings are in the London ones.


 Grangues Memorial

Lists the names and inscription on the Grangues Memorial at
L'église de Notre Dame et de Saint Roch
(Click) for an Index of all the Memorials in Calvados.

NB: These are French websites




A super website with all sorts of information about World War 2 and the impact it had on the people of  Northern Ireland.

Grey Point Fort



Website for the Museum at Grey Point Fort Coastal Defence Battery on Belfast Lough where the squadron was working in its early years as the Antrim Fortress Company.

Maps the locations of memorials and remains of bunkers and bridges and so on, throughout Europe.
This excellent Dutch website is written in Dutch and in English too.

British Forces in Palestine

Comprehensive collection of information about the often ignored or overlooked conflict in the  1940's, in which several of the younger men, previously in the Antrims, were involved after their service in the Far East.


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