Proceedings of the Court of Inquiry :

10 March 1945-Proceedings of a Court of Inquiry assembeld in the Field pusuant to an order of the supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force date 11 Februry 1945 and pursuant to a lettler of Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force dated 12 February 1945 referring to the Dives-Sur-Mer case to the consideration of the Court.

1. After consideration of the relevant papers, and making arrangements for the attendance of witnesses, the standing Court, constituted as hereinafter set forth, at 0900 hours on 10 March 1945 visitd the scene of the alleged atrocity in the grounds of the Château de Grangues, near Dives-Sur-Mer, Calvados, France. Certain distances considered relevant were ascertained to the satisfaction of the Court, as were the relative positions of buildings, roadways and surrounding features.

2. Having completed their investigation of the area in question, the court then repaired to the Château de Grangues in which, as the headquarters of the Mayor of Grangues, a courtroom had been placed at its disposal, where the Court assembled at 0930 hours on the same day.

Present were:

Acting President Lieutenant Colonel John Voorhees, Field Artillery, United states Army SHAEF

Members Lieutenant Colonel L.J. Genn, Royal Artillery British Army SHAEF

Commandant P. Ruteau, Cavalry (Armoured) , French Army SHAEF

Lieutenant J.R. Barre, Canadian Provost Corps (Court interpreter)

Paul Maiorana -Court Reporter

The members of the Court, the Court Interpreter, and Court Reporter were reminded by the Acting President of their former oaths.

The order constituting the Court, and the letter referring the case to the consideration of the Court, having been read, the Court then proceeded with the examination of witnesses. The following were examined on oath:-

HRN of Dives-Sur-Mer whose recorded evidence is attached hereto and marked Exhibit 3.

MET of Grangues whose recorded evidence is attached hereto and marked Exhibit 4.

MRB of Grangues whose recorded evidence is attached hereto and marked Exhibit 5.

Captain Rankin R.A.M.C. of 106 British General Hospital, graded pathologist, whose recorded evidence is attached hereto and marked Exhibit 6.

At 1830 hours on the same day, the Court again visited the scene of the alleged atrocity and proceeded to cooperate in the taking of photographs. The camera was operated by Lieutenant Colonel Vorhhes and the authenticity of the photographs is vouched for by all members. Three of these photographs are attached, appropriately captioned, and are entered in the list of Exhibits as exhibits F,G and H respectively.

The Court adjourned at 1850 hours.

The Court then proceeded to review the total evidence and to draft its findings and reasons therefore, and its recommendations for future action.

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