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2nd Lieutenant 

John Doherty


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18 Jul 1906 New York, NY, USA

Service No.



Antrim Fortress Company

Military Notes:
Service Record:

Cadet Lance Corporal at Shrewsbury School Contingent Junior Division OTC (Officer Training Corps)

22 Oct 1937 to be 2nd Lieutenant with seniority next below 2nd Lt. FMR Byers

25 May 1938 resigned his commission .

Family Notes:

Eldest  son of Harold Adrian Milne Barbour (17 Jul 1874 Lisburn  N.I. -1938 )and his wife Anna Edwards Barbour OBE LL.D (25 Jan 1875 Paterson NJ,USA- 9 Sep 1941)  [m.1905]  they were cousins, of the Barbour Linen Thread Company family.


Brother of James (30 Aug 1908-13 Nov 1982), William Patrick (17 Mar 1914-7 Dec 1996) and Elise Milne  Barbour (14 Aug 1910- 17 Dec 1995) who were all born in Dunmurry, N.Ireland.


JDB and his second wife sailed for the USA on 24 June 1938.

Upon the death of his father JDB took over his global business interests. On 2nd Sptember 1938, he was company director and sailed to Sydney, Australia from London.


Father of two sons by his first marriage and two daughters by his second marriage.

Civilian Occupation:

The  Linen Thread Company 


(1)  Amy Barbara Wood(31 Jul 1905-22 Jan 1982)  (dissolved)

(2) Doris Somerset Rae (8 June 1902 - 19 Apr 1983)  


16 Mar 1966 at Lagan Valley Hospital, Lisburn.

Probate of his Will was granted to his solicitor and former 591 Antrim Parachute Squadron colleague FMR Byers.



Cemetery / Memorial:





29  March 1912 with his parents and siblings, Jack Barbour sailed on the Mauritania to New York. 

A trans-Atlantic trip they made numerous times.

Jack's paternal aunt Helen Reilly Barbour's husband Thomas Andrews Jr. was the chief designer of the Titanic and 2 weeks later sailed on her maiden voyage. Thomas Andrews perished in the sinking.




Information supplied by the Barbour extended family.

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