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Peter Arthur




30 Oct 1922 West Ham RD, Essex, England

Service No.

1929162 NCO Rank

288185  Officer Rank


591 Antrim Parachute Squadron RE.

Territorial Army Engineers and Railway Staff Corps

Military Notes:
Service Record:

6 April 1943 joined the 591 Antrim Para Sqn.

15 Aug 1943 Commissoned with rank of 2nd Lieutenant

22 Sep 1944 joined 591 Antrim Parachute Sqn. 

Wounded on 17 Jan 1945 when a pile of mines exloded, killing Lt. Wade.

17 Nov 1948 promoted to Lieutenant after his emergency commission with seniority fom 30 Oct 1945

15 Feb 1949 from active list and granted Honorary rank of Captain.

21 Apr 1970 Hon. Capt P.A Cox (formerly R.E.) to be Major

10 June 1974 promoted to Lieutenant Colonel

9 Jul 1981 promoted to Colonel

30 Nov 1987 TA Colonel PA Cox to be supernumerary to establishment

4 Aug 1997 retires from supernumary list.

Family Notes:

son  of Arthur W Cox and his wife Evelyn A Stanton (1896-1927) (m.1921 West Ham, London)

Civilian Occupation:

Civil  Engineer

President of the Institution of Civil Engineers 1980-81





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8  Nov 1945 The King has been graciously pleased to approve the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in North West Europe. 




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