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2nd Lieutenant

Martin Cordy




28 Sep 1922 Plomsgate RD, Essex

Service No.




Antrim Fortress Company RE.

621 Field Squadron RE

Military Notes:
Service Record:

21 Mar 1942 granted emergency commission with rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

21 Mar 1942- 8 Aug 1942 in Antrim Fortress Coy, joined from 142 OCTU.

19 Aug 42 posted out to RE Halifax

27 Feb 1945 awarded the MC (Military Cross)

6 July 46 emergency commission is confirmed with rank of Lieutenant. Seniority from 1 Aug 1938

29 Sep 1948 promoted to Captain

30 Oct 1953 awarded US Medal Bronze Star for service in Korea.

28 Sep 1956 promoted to Major.

22 Mar 1960 Major Keer retires receiving a gratuity and retains reserve liability.


Family Notes:

son  of Dr. Kenneth John Taylor Keer MD(1889-1963)

[a Captain in the RAMC in WW1] and Marjorie Warriner Hutchings (c.1890-1958) [m.1917 Newton Abbot RD]

Brother of Maj. John Anthony Keer (1920-1991)

Father of two daughters and a son.

Civilian Occupation:



1947 Leila Lorna Troup (1922- 2010) in Westminster RD 


Jun  1988  North Cotswolds RD



Cemetery / Memorial:





Military  Cross citation: [621 Field Squadron RE]

On 10 September 1944, the enemy in Ghent were holding the line of the Canal, having blown or partially destroyed all the road bridges. Only one railway swing bridge remained; this had been left for passage of barges and the means for power operation destroyed.

As bridging and rafting equipment were in short supply to the Division, it was essential that the bridge should be restored to its correct position to take infantry and tanks to the far side.

On the night 9/10 Sept. Lt. Keer, in adverse weather conditions, swam to the central pier to carry out a recce of the bridge and its mechanism. On 10 Sept. he personally led a small detachment of his men to this central pier and attached 2 cables - one of which broke twice, and the hand operation on the pier the detachment succeeded in closing the bridge ready for the infantry and tank assault.

This whole operation was carried out under shell fire while direct enemy small arms fire was neutralised largely by a squadron of our tanks on the near side. That it was successfully completed under trying and difficult circumstances, was due entirely to Lt. Keer's thorough and determined reconnaisance and to his inspiring leadership.





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