NEWSPAPER Report - Belfast News-Letter Saturday June 16, 1956

Transcription of article:

ULSTER G.O.C. [General Officer Commanding] will see T.A. [Territorial Army] men's Bailey bridge.

When Lieutenant-General Sir Brian Kimmins G.O.C. N.I.D. [Northern Ireland Division] flies to Halton (Lancashire) to-day to visit 591 (Antrim) Independent Field Squadron R.E. (T.A.) he will see a Bailey bridge the squadron have built across the River Lune. The Squadron 150 strong, are in camp at Halton until next Saturday.

In command is Major H. Grant of 29 Trigo Parade, Belfast, a son of the late Mr William Grant, Minister of Labour in the Northern Ireland Government.

Other visitors will include Lieutenant-Colonel A.G. White RE, Commander Royal Engineers N.I.D. and Lieutenant-Colonel B.D. Cotton R.A. of 429 (Antrim) Coast Regiment Royal Artillery (T.A.).
Colonel white commanded the Squadron in succession to the late Major J. Maynard Sinclair C.O. from 1937 to 1940.

Another past C.O. of the unit is Lieutenant Colonel A. H. Glendinning, now Honorary Colonel of the Squadron, who visited them yesterday, took part in the D-day landings and the Rhine crossing as 591 Antrim Paratroop Squadron R.E.

Photo caption: Men of 591 (Antrim) Independent Field Squadron R.E. (T.A.) constructing a 100ft section of Bailey landing bay at camp at Halton, Lancashire. Included in the group are Major Harry Grant, Trigo Parade, Belfast C.O. of the unit; Squadron Sergeant Major Bob Dean, Downview Crescent Belfast and Captain J Campbell, Beech Hill Park, Belfast.

Captain R. Grundy, Woodlands, Holywood, supervising the construction of the bridge.

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