NEWSPAPER Report August 19th 1944


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When Sapper A. Grant, Royal Engineers, of 1. Crompton-street, Ilkeston, landed with an airborne party in Normandy on D-day, little did he think he would be turned into an infantryman for a day.

His airborne party of 14 R.E.s under
Capt. J.R. Hinshelwood, had landed wide of their expected area, and were unable to get to their appointed task in time. Coming in the dark to a village held by a small garrison of our troops, they decided to offer their services to the commander, and in the words of Capt. Hinshelwood to a military observer, "they had quite a party."


Taking up a sector, we helped to beat off repeated attacks by Jerry," Capt. Hinshelwood said.
"The first person we spoke to in the village happened to be a Cockney woman who said:
          Blimey we've been waiting three years for you chaps.

We weren't relieved until early evening, by which time we had helped to take 60-70 prisoners."

Truly has it been said that a sapper must be a jack-of-all trades.

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