NEWSPAPER Reports on Far East

After the Norway stint, most of the younger squadron members found themselves on ships sailing to the Far East. August 1945 saw the US Airforce dropping the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (reported initially as Uranium Bombs). This was followed in a matter of days by the Emperor of Japan surrendering to the Allied Forces and commanding his troops to do likewise. This was followed by the liberating of thousands of POWs and internees across camps in South East Asia. The Allies sent in troops to oversee the surrender of Japanese troops, destruction of their weaponry, restoring law and order and governance to many countries, and arrange much needed emergency supplies to the local communities and to guard what was left of vital infrastructure. 3 Para were sent to Singapore, then to Batavia and Semarang, before heading to Malasia and then to Palastine.

The following newspaper clips cover some of the events happening in the following months.

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