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Art work by Captain Albert Richards

Chateau de Grangue massacre index:

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Data Pages Index - biographies for individuals in the Antrims (same as Roll of Honour.)

Diaries --
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Dog Platoon No.1 Royal Engineers - War Diary and Newspaper Clips etc


Captain Albert Richards - Official War Artist

Help with tracing records

History of the 591 Antrim Parachute Squadron   written by Major A.J. Jack.

Insignia of the Squadron

Links to useful external websites

Maps Index 

Original Map D-day Ranville (with parachute drop zones and other features added)
Original Map Hamminkeln Rhine Crossing and Modern aerial view.

Memoirs & Articles:

Anderson  (awaiting transcription)
Best    (excerpts from autobiography)

Gordon (memories of the Antrims prior to parachute conversion)
Jacklin (Evasion in Normandy)
McDonough  (transcript of oral interview Normandy, Arnhem, Germany,Indonesia and Palestine)
Mitchley  (transcript of hand written notes Normandy and Arnhem)
Mosley (D-day journalist) (newspaper article parachuting in on D-day)
Mosley (Wismar journalist) (newspaper article on surrender of Germany)
Shinner  (survivor of Grangues crash and taken POW)
Smith (Bridging the Rhine - as reported in newspaper 11 May 1945 )
Unknown (recollections of Arnhem then Crossing Rhine through to Wismar)
Wolfe (letters sent home)

Memorials - lists the burial sites and memorials of WW2 casualties from the Squadron.
Memorials II-Paratrooper memorials at Ringway Airport and Tatton Park

Newspaper Reports:

1941 -             591 Bridge Building Exercise in Ulster (with photos)
1941 -             RE high speed bridge building article in Northern Ireland
1944 -             591 Meeting a Cockney woman in Normandy.
1945 -             Various news items for the Ardennes campaign

1945 -             Tom Smith eye witness account of Rhine Crossing   
1945 -   
Various news items for the Rhine Crossing and across Germany to Wismar
1945 -              591 Veterans forming an association for former members of the company
1945 -              591 Building of Pegasus Bridge at Aust Pier.
1945 -              Various news items about the Airborne troops in Norway in 1945. 
1945 -              Various news items on the Airborne in Indonesia/SE Asia. 
1946 -              Sappers blowing up the rail lines on the collapsed Shepton Mallet viaduct. 
1946 -              The story of the Viaduct Collapse in more detail. 
1946 -              Various news items on the Airborne in Palestine. 
1940s -            Various clippings on parachuting in 1940s. 
1946 -              591 Veterans Association
1956 -              591 (Antrim) Independent Field Squadron -RE Training

Officers List- dates where known

Officer Roll Calls - WW2 lists of Officers on Duty 1944-1945

Prisoners of War List - including evaders and escapees

Roll of Honour - lists 430+ men who served with the Antrims, and access to their data pages.

Standing Orders for 27 April 1944 at Bulford Camp.

Transport on D-day 6th June 1944 -(incomplete list)
Transport on Rhine Crossing 24 Mar 1945 -(incomplete list) [includes excerpts from "Go To It" by J.S.R. Shave]

War Diary index -591 Antrim Parachute Squadron 1939 - 1945.

Wounded in Action -list of injured Officers, NCO and Other Rank casualties in WW2 (incomplete list).  



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